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Why India

  • India has emerged as the Top Medical Tourism Destination in the world.
  • India has thousands of specialized Bariatric surgeons who have been trained in USA, UK, Australia etc in the art of Bariatric Surgeries.
  • India has a large population of Medical practitioners, para medics, nurses and general hospital staff to interact with foreign patients.
  • India has the best surgical implants and technology available in the world.
  • India has the best diagnostics facilities available in the world.
  • India has direct flights from most major cities in the world to India.
  • India has a huge English speaking population, which makes excursions easy.
  • India has hospitals which are JCI accredited and at par with any major hospital in the world.
  • India has all facilities of developed nations to make life outside hospital easy and fun.
  • India service over 500,000 medical tourist each year generating over US$ 2 Billion in revenues.

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