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Best Joint Replacement Surgeries In India

Why India?

India has emerged as the Top Medical Tourism Destination in the world. India has thousands of specialized orthopedic surgeons who have been trained in USA, UK, Australia etc in the art of Joint Replacement...

Why Mirage?

We are one of the oldest Medical Tourism Operatives in the country. Full on ground Concierge Services. 24/7 support Provide Best deals on Hospital treatment and Boarding & Lodging etc..

Our Doctors

Dr. S.K.S. Marya, Max Hospital.
Dr. Hemant Sharma, Fortis Hospital
Dr. Sumit Bhushan, Jaypee Hospital
Dr. IPS Oberoi, Artemis Hospital
Dr. U. K. Sadhoo, Saket City Hospital
Dr. Subhash Jangid, Fortis Hospital


95% surgery success rate. Our world class accredited Hospitals provide various treatments like Knee, hip, shoulder surgery, Arthroscopic Meniscal repair, ACL repair surgery etc... by Best Joint Replacement Surgeons.

Cost of Joint Replacement Surgeries

The Cost of Joint/Knee Replacement surgery in India can be between US$8000 to US$11000. It includes 6-7 days stay in hospital and full concierge services. You are required to arrive in India atleast 48 hours before the date of surgery.The cost quoted includes & excludes the following:... Read more

Travel Itinerary for India

Mirage with its years of experience has made a perfect travel Itinerary for you. Wherein our patients can get the best treatment at affordable costs and at the same time can take out some time to travel and explore the beauty of India. Throughout your visit our escort will be with you... Read more

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