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Recreated under is a typical itinerary for a client for Joint Replacement surgery. Please note that this itinerary might change from case to case basis depending on the uniqueness of your particular case. Also note that all transfers are chargeable unless specifically mentioned.

Day Zero : Arrival in New Delhi. Today you arrive in New Delhi. Your designated concierge will pick you up from the airport and take you to your pre booked hotel. You are advised to rest, recuperate and acclimatise before the action begins the next day. your airport pick up is complimentary.

Day One : Today you will have your OPD appointment with your doctor. Your concierge will pick you up from hotel and take you to the hospital where you will meed your surgeon for the first time. We advise you to prepare all the questions you would have in your mind and write them on a paper. Take as much time as you want with the doctor. He is there to explain you everything and make you comfortable. One OPD is over, the doctor might order some prep tests. The concierge will help you in doing all the tests. After that, its time to return to the hotel.

Day Two : Surgery day. Assuming that all test results and OK, today is your scheduled surgery day. You check out of the hospital in the morning. Your concierge will pick you up and take you to the hospital. You check in to the hospital in your room. You will be wheeled to the OT at the designated time for your surgery. You will be spending the night in the ICU today.

Day three : You will be shifted to your private room today in the hospital. Your concierge will be on hand to make sure there are no problems at the hospital and that you are comfortable.

Day four : Spend the night in the hospital under the care of hospital staff.

Day five : Check out of the hospital. Today you say good bye to the wonderful nursing staff at the hospital who have taken care of you the past 3 days. Checkouts are generally by late afternoon. Your concierge will complete all formalities and take you back to the hotel.

Day six - till you go back : Stay at the hotel, do city tours, go shopping, schedule a visit to Taj Mahal. Your concierge will arrange for everything and accompany you wherever you wish to go.

Last day : Today you are ready to go back home. Your concierge will hand you your ‘fit to fly certificate’ form the hospital and will drop you at the airport. Airport drop is complimentary for you.

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